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Summer School at Oriel College Oxford and Magdalene College University of Cambridge

Summer Institute 2018 at Oriel College, Uniersity of Oxford and Magdalene College, University of Cambridge

Summer Institute at Oriel College, Oxford

Cambridge Summer Institute

About the program (Chinese): download 中文通知.txt



  Cambridge Summer Institute.pdf

  Science Technology Course Options 2018.pdf

Program Contact:
Rosie YU Rizhen        
Resources Center Engineer & Communications Officer
Academic and Teaching Resources Center,
Office 110, College of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering Building, 116 Lushan South Road,      
South Campus, Hunan University,      
Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan        
P.R. China, 410082

Tel.:  +86 - (0)731 - 8882 1978
e-mail: rosieyu@qq.com