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2017 Summer Camp in US--‘Carpe Diem’ secures success for students

‘Carpe Diem’ secures success for community-building computing science students (2017 Summer Camp in US)

One piece of advice sums up communication engineering graduand Maoxin Hou’s HNU experience: “Take advantage of every opportunity that comes along.”

In 2017, the community-minded mover and shaker founded International Education Foundation, China's first collaborative higher education alliance, or non-for-profit education league.

Since then, higher education alliance has flourished from a small office to a thriving community league for young students, and even sprouted one software related program in US this upcoming summer.

For more information, please download.

1. 软件专业创新型、国际化人才培养联盟计划(2017-05-24).docx


And refer to the Chinese official website link for program admission.


Contacts before June 9th:

湖南大学国际合作与交流处     赵亚辉老师     校办公楼二楼

信息科学与工程学院                肖晟老师         Room 521

信息科学与工程学院                余日臻老师     Room 110                 0731-88821978


秦征老师:010-65336229转208; 手机: 13810772936