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HNU Computing Scientists To Steer Xiangpan Makers Hub





Date of Publication: 04.26.17. April 26, 2017/ 发布于:2017-04-26
Editor & Translator: Rosie YU Rizhen/ 编译:余日臻



A new “hub” that will help drive makers innovation at Hunan University will be headed by Liu Song, entrepreneur whose own high tech company recently won an award in the 2017 Hunan University New Ventures Competition.

Computer scientists and engineers noted for their dynamic approach to both research and business, HNU CSEE will head up the new Xiangpan Makers Hub (XMH).


The XMH represents an initiative to accelerate computer science innovations through HNU's partnership with Hunan Provincial Human Resource and Social Security Department, Changsha Entrepreneurial Guidance Center, and many others relevant departments within Hunan University’s emerging innovation boulevard.

Xiangpan Makers Hub, which is in its exciting development stage, encompasses a broad-based partnership of academic and high tech industry players in the region.
HNU's XMH is a key asset within innovation boulevard, furthering future innovations through advances in computing and information management.

“This will open many doors for HNU students and researchers to develop their research in a real-world environment with a close connection to industry and techincal end-users,” says Yang Zhongwang, the Pary Secretary of HNU CSEE.

He has created a plan that will enable innovators to share resources and facilitate collaborations.

Yang is working with HNU CSEE Deputy Party Secretary He Xun, who holds the HNU Entrepreneurial Guidance Center Leadership Chair in Technology for  Innovations. He Xun is leading the innovation boulevard initiative together with HNU Dean of Academic Affairs Wang Wenge.

“The Xiangpan Makers Hub is a critical component of developing technologies and will help student innovation in industry,” says Resource Center Engineer Rosie Yu.

“Advanced computing is absolutely fundamental and a key part of what we do in advanced technologies. HNU, City of Changsha, and the Lushan High Tech Zone are quickly being recognized as leading the world in bringing new solutions to the lifestyle and economic challenges we face,” says Yang Zhongwang.

“The Xiangpan Makers Hub will serve as a major asset within the emerging computer science and electronic engineering technology ecosystem for innovation boulevard,” says He Xun.

Yang Zhongwang says HNU’s high-level entrepreneurial and innovation talents are well suited to heading up the hub.

“We’re extremely fortunate to have such a numbers of talented and vibrant leaders, who represent the very spirit of top talent from HNU.” says Lugu Venture Capitalist Mr. Zhang Yi.
Meanwhile the XMH will utilize to share and to connect concept to make full use of the idle university teaching resources, the enterprises accumulated “hatching” experience, and the joint students' creativity.

During the road show part, the Close Me High Efficiency Notebook app, the Wise Water Life web+ drinking habit combined with fans economy, and the Book Travel Platform for books exchange won remarkable comments from judges.

The Changsha Microsoft cloud and mobile application incubator platform will invite all the passed projects to sit in the hub.

It is reported that the Hunan University Changsha Microsoft cloud and mobile application incubator platform training base (Xiangpan Makers Hub) is the first university and enterprise incubator platform jointly set up in Hunan province. Yang believes that the establishment of the base, can not only enhance the quality of training talents for Hunan University,but also sets great exemplary role for other unviersities in Hunan Province to boost the school enterprise cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship education.