Doctoral Programme

Welcome to the HNU CSEE Doctoral Programme

The College of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering offers PhD students a research-intensive environment that focuses on research method development and practice.

We offer the following PhD degrees: PhD of Computer Science and Technology (Doctor of Philosophy) and PhD of Software Engineering (Doctor of Philosophy). The requirements for each degree vary slightly and are outlined in the degree programs section of our website.

Admission to the program is competitive and depends largely on prior academic preparation, intended focus of study, and academic supervisory availability.

Is the HNU CSEE PhD Programme right for you?

-Visit our PhD admission page for more information about the admission requirements.

-Review the course offerings supervisors, and degree requirements for the Full-Time MSc, MSc and Research Focused MSc programs.

-Visit our administrative organizations page for more information about the administrative and admission services.

- Contact faculty who might be a good research match for you and visit the Course Plan for Oversea Postgraduates website.


-We offer the special course plan for HNU CSEE oversea PhD students. All students will begin to do research for preparing their PhD degree papers after having got enough credits.

-In addition, one special doctoral course designed for international students is Mathematical Methods in Computer Science instructed by Professor LIAO Bo

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HNU CSEE's doctoral programme focuses on the technological change that is radically reshaping our world today. We believe that intellectual diversity and multiple perspectives are essential to address such change. Views and research traditions from design, art, the humanities, science and technology are all part of our community. We offer Doctor of Philosophy degree. Admission to the program depends on prior academic preparation, intended focus of study, and identified fit and supervisory agreement with one of our research faculty members.

In a school as diverse as ours, the way the research is done - the methodology - is an important concern. All students study research methods and design, across the program and within their own specialization.

Computation is a driving force in technological change. All students in the program acquire knowledge of how computing works and how it affects the new designs and systems being created today.

Master of Science (MSc)

The Master of Science degree is   for students working within a scientific and technological area. Course work   in this degree includes core courses in artificial intelligence, knowledge   visualization and cognition. Methods of research include the mathematical   models and quantitative methods of evaluation

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The PhD is awarded for a   relevant and original contribution to knowledge as expressed in a   dissertation. PhD students study in an area supported by CSEE's faculty and   under the direction of a supervisory committee.

Degree Completion Timelines

HNU CSEE graduate students typically take 2-4 years to complete their MSc degree, and an additional 3-8 years for a PhD.