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The post-doc mobile station of computer science and technology is a first-grade state subject, one of the key subjects in Hunan Province, including four second-level subjects of computer system structure, computer software and theory, computer application technology and computer network. The specialization of computer science and technology has formed a number of stable and unique academic research directions, including an embedded system, a trusted software and network, a high performance computing and cloud computing, a network information security, a bioinformatics, a wireless sensor networks, an automotive electronics systems and software, a communication circuits and systems, an optical communications and wireless communications, and so on. We own three Hunan province key laboratories of the Embedded and Network Computation, the Trusted System and Network, and the Advanced Technologies in Manufacturing. We have constructed an innovative experimental zone of “learning by doing” with the national talent training mode, an innovative Hunan provincial IT training base for graduate students, a Hunan provincial demonstration foundation lab of “information technology experimental center”, a computer network and machine learning lab, a network software and application lab, a super computer and cloud computing institute, an internet and media lab, a digital media institute, a biological information detection and processing institute, a biological information processing institute, a big data processing and industry application research center and so on. The extent of interdisciplinary research and the absence of departmental boundaries among disciplines in the information technologies is a hallmark feature of our campus.

Our faculty members consist of 32 doctoral supervisors, 33 professors, nine candidates of the Ministry of Education Support Plan for the New Century Excellent Talents, one national-level “Thousand People Plan" for distinguished global experts, two “Thousand Youth Talents Plan” for overseas Chinese high-level talents.

Our College has plentiful and substantial scientific research achievements during the national “Twelfth Five-year Plan”. Research in the College spans all levels of over 300 funded projects and over 100 enterprises sponsored large projects, from “863 Project” to “973 Sub-Project”, as well as the National Key Research Plan, the National Nuclear High Basic Project, the National Support Plan, the National Information Security Key Projects and many other regular funded projects.

HNU CSEE Postdoctoral Research Center Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellows are valued members of the university and college community.

As a postdoctoral fellow, you will be able to broaden your research expertise, build associations with established researchers and strengthen your publication record, thereby enhancing your future employment opportunities. You have the opportunity to make significant contributions to your chosen field, the University, faculty researchers and graduate students.

You will have completed a doctoral degree, normally within the previous four years, and you are planning to undertake additional advanced research at Hunan University. You will be working in association with one or more HNU CSEE faculty members for a limited period of time, usually one to three years.

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