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Brief Introduction of the College

The College of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at Hunan University has more than 30 years of history, and consists of the departments of Computer Science, Communication Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Engineering, Computer Engineering, Cyber Security, Computer Applications and the Center For Experimental Computing. Three provincial key laboratories are the Embedded Systems and Network Computation Lab, the Trusted Systems and Networking Lab, the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Lab. We have constructed an innovative experimental zone of “learning by doing” which follows the national talent training model. Hunan implements this model through our provincial IT training base for graduate students, encompassing the Hunan information technology experimental center, a computer network and machine learning lab, a network and application software lab, a super computer and cloud computing institute, an Internet and media lab, a digital media institute, a biological information detection and processing institute, a biological information processing institute, as well as a big data processing and industry application research center. The extent of interdisciplinary research and the absence of departmental boundaries among disciplines in the information technologies is a hallmark feature of our campus.

We have strong undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Our college currently has one post-doctoral mobile station of computer science and technology; two doctorate level disciplines of computer science & technology, software engineering; three master degree level disciplines of computer science and technology, information & communication engineering, and software engineering. Areas of particular research strength include seven undergraduate-level programs of computer science & technology, communication engineering, information security (security management), intelligent science & technology, internet of things (IOT) engineering, software engineering, and digital media technology. Among these, communication engineering and software engineering are the two national-level specialty concentrations. Moreover, the computer science & technology program is the key concentration in Hunan province. Students at all levels are attracted to our very flexible programs of study and the integration of faculty research into the curriculum.

We are a collegial, energetic, and diverse community of researchers dedicated to scientific discovery and to training and educating the next generation of computer scientists and engineers. Recently, our faculty, teaching facilities, research conditions, curriculum and other aspects are getting full and complete. Our College has become one of the main training bases for the domestic advanced IT talent in China. Our faculty consists of 32 doctoral supervisors, 36 professors, one National People Plan Class A Distinguished Professor, one National Outstanding Youth Fund Recipient, two “Thousand Youth Talents Plan” Distinguished Professors, nine candidates of the Ministry of Education Support Plan for New Century Excellent Talents, one Hunan Province Furong Scholar Distinguished Professors, three Hunan Province "121" First-tier Project talents, two Hunan Province Outstanding Youth Fund Recipients , and seven Hunan University Yuelu Scholar Distinguished Professors. Our College has 121 PhD teachers and the doctorate ratio exceeds 75% of the teaching members.

Our college has plentiful and substantial scientific research achievements during the national “Twelfth Five-year Plan”. Research in the College spans all levels of over 280 funded projects, from “863 Project” to “973 Sub-Project”, as well as the National Key Research Plan, the National Nuclear High Basic Project, the National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists, the National Support Plan, the National Natural Science Foundation of China Key Projects and many other regularly funded projects. We own more than 140 provincial key and general projects, 72 authorized patents, 12 national and provincial awards. Total research funding exceeds 100 million RMB, of which 80 million RMB are from governments at all levels. We have more than 1100 publications in major domestic and international academic journals, among which more than 500 papers are included in the Science Citation Index (SCI) and the Engineering Index (EI). More than 31 academic monographs have been published. We have also actively carried out cooperative research in science and technology with many enterprises and institutions to serve our community. Each year, we serve the national economy through undertaking a large number of technology and construction development/research projects with enterprises and institutions.

In recent years, we have sped up the pace of internationalization and have engaged more than 10 international elites and well-known scholars as visiting or adjunct professors from distinguished universities around the world. We have carried out numerous academic exchanges and research cooperation with those universities. More and more returned overseas Chinese PhDs have joined our faculty and the number is gradually increasing. We have offered and enrolled international students for bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. programs under a full English teaching environment since 2001. Our international students come from over 20 countries worldwide.

We persist in the College mission of "Student-Centered, Teacher-Oriented" education philosophy. In the aim of cultivating talents with research, innovation, management, and internationalization abilities, we attach great importance to improving the quality of teaching and to implementing a curriculum responsibility system. Our College offers two national excellence courses and four provincial excellence courses. We also focus on improving students’ practical skills and innovative ability by implementing the idea of "Research serves for Teaching, Practice serves as the Teaching Guide". In recent years, our students have won gold and silver medals in the international ACM/ICPC Asia Regional Contest; gold, silver and bronze medals in the National Challenge Cup Entrepreneurship Program, the special award of BlackBerry Application Development in national universities contest, the first prize of the National Undergraduate Electronic Design contest, the first prize of the National Undergraduate Internet of Things (IOT) Embedded Networking Design contest, and the first prize of National English Competition.

Our College carries out academic and non-academic degree education, software development, and other IT services. In cooperation with the China International Talents Exchange Foundation, we have constructed an international training base (Changsha) for national software talent. We have signed cooperative agreements with Huawei, Baidu, Microsoft, IBM, Jinshan, Lenovo and other companies so as to cooperate in talent training, faculty exchange, subject construction, scientific research and practice base construction. We have also set up long-term, excellent off-campus practice bases with Huawei, ZTE and other large IT companies.