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Scientific Research

Our College has plentiful and substantial scientific research achievements during the national “Twelfth Five-year Plan”. Research in the College spans all levels of over 56 funded projects, from “863 Project” to “973 Sub-Project”, as well as the National Key Research Plan, the National Nuclear High Basic Project, the National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists Plan, the National Support Plan, the National Natural Science Foundation of China Plan and other regular funded projects. We own more than 280 provincial key and general projects, 72 authorized patents, 6 national and provincial awards. The total research fund exceeds 100 million RMB, in which 80 million RMB are from governments at all levels. We have more than 1100 publications in the major domestic and international academic journals, in which more than 500 papers are included in the Science Citation Index (SCI) and the Engineering Index (EI). More than 31 academic monographs have been published. We have also actively carried out cooperative researches of science and technology with many enterprises and institutions to serve our community. Each year, we serve the national economy construction through undertaking a large number of technology development and research projects with enterprises and institutions.