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Committees & Departments

Committees Directory

Administrative Management Lead        Party Administrative Lead

Dean          LI Kenli               Party Secretary             YANG Zhongwang

Associate Dean YANG Zhongwang(Co)            Deputy Party Secretary    HE Xun

         ZHAO Huan HE Xun(Co)

           LUO Jiawei 

           QIN Zheng   

Assistant Dean  FU Xiquan LUO Juan 

          XIAO Sheng

Division of Responsibilities & Tasks

Work Tasks

Responsible Person

Presided over the college's comprehensive administrative work.

LI Kenli

Presided over the college's comprehensive work of Party committees.

In charge of administrative, personnel, security, fire protection, alumni and other routine work.

YANG Zhongwang

In charge of teaching (undergraduate teaching, full-time graduate students, doctoral and international students course) work;

Assist the Dean in charge of Secrecy Management.

In charge of academic discipline construction, collaborative innovation center, supercomputer institute.

LI Kenli

In charge of graduate students (full-time Master, PhD, International) and degrees (Master, PhD, International).

LUO Jiawei

In charge of the research and management of post-doctoral students, master of CS engineering (part-time), social services, student clubs, the work of the academic associations;

Assist the Dean in charge of Software Engineering.

QIN Zheng

In charge of finance, general affairs, assets, real estate property, instruments, conditions, and equipment.


In charge of student union, retired staff. Assist the alumni association work. Family planning work.

HE Xun

In charge of basic construction work.

Assist the Dean in charge of Key Laboratory, laboratories of the Departments of professional and graduates innovation base.

FU Xiquan

In charge of academic research and teaching resource center.

Assist the Dean in charge of the Experimental Center & the Precision Instruments and Testing Center.

LUO Juan

Assist the Dean in charge of Collaborative Innovation Center, the introduction of overseas talent, the international cooperation and academic exchanges.

XIAO Sheng

Departments and Teaching Units  

Department of Computer Science

Director:XIAO Degui   Associate Director:XU Ying TANG Zhuo

Department of Software Engineering           

Director:YANG Jinmin  Associate Director:LI Junyi

Department of Communication Engineering    

DirectorZENG Fanzai   Associate DirectorYU Xiaoyou CHEN Weiwei

Department of Information Engineering             

DirectorJIANG Bin    Associate DirectorXIAO Yi CHEN Xiangtao

Department of Computer Engineering

DirectorLI Zhiyong      Associate DirectorXIE Kun

Department of Cyber Security         

DirectorPENG Fei      Associate DirectorHU Yupeng

Experimental Center

DirectorXU Cheng    Associate DirectorXIAO Xiongren

Department of Computer Application   

DirectorYANG Shenghong Associate DirectorWU Hao