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天普大学吴杰教授(Prof. Jie Wu, IEEE Fellow)学术报告
发布于:2017-07-07  作者:学术与教学资源中心

报告时间:2017722 15:00-16:00

报告标题:  Optimizing MapReduce Framework through JointScheduling of   Overlapping Phases

报告人:Prof. Jie Wu (IEEE Fellow), Temple University

天普大学 吴杰教授(IEEE院士)

Traffic flow monitoring is a system that constantly monitors a system's trafficflow. Such a system can be a computer network, a public transportation system,or a security monitoring system in an indoor application. This talk focuses onthe coverage and distinguishability of traffic flows and uses RoadSide Unit(RSU) placement in public transportation systems as an example. Given streets'traffic flows, the objective is to place a minimum number of RSUs to cover anddistinguish all traffic flows. A traffic flow is covered and distinguishable ifits set of passing RSUs is both non-empty and unique from other traffic flows.The RSU placement problem is NP-hard, monotonic, and non-submodular. It is anon-trivial extension of the traditional, submodular set cover problem. We showthat to cover and distinguish an arbitrary pair of traffic flows (f and f’),two RSUs should be placed on streets from two different subsets of f\f’, f’\fand at the intersection of f and f’. Three bounded RSU placement algorithms areproposed.  In our simulation, we use real data-driven experiments to demonstratethe efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed algorithms. Finally, wediscuss possible extensions, including extending RSU coverage throughvehicle-to-vehicle (V2V)  communications.


Prof. Jie Wu is the Associate ViceProvost for International Affairs at Temple University. He also serves as theDirector of Center for Networked Computing and Laura H. Carnell professor inthe Department of Computer and Information Sciences. Prior to joining Temple University, he was a program director at the National ScienceFoundation and was a distinguished professor at Florida Atlantic University.His current research interests include mobile computing and wireless networks,routing protocols, cloud and green computing, network trust and security, andsocial network applications. Dr. Wu regularly publishes in scholarly journals,conference proceedings, and books. He serves on several editorial boards,including IEEE Transactions on Service Computing and the Journal of Paralleland Distributed Computing. Dr. Wu was general co-chair/chair for IEEE MASS2006, IEEE IPDPS 2008, IEEE ICDCS 2013, and ACM MobiHoc 2014, as well asprogram co-chair for IEEE INFOCOM 2011 and CCF CNCC 2013. He was an IEEEComputer Society Distinguished Visitor, ACM Distinguished Speaker, and chairfor the IEEE Technical Committee on Distributed Processing (TCDP). Dr. Wu is aCCF Distinguished Speaker and a Fellow of the IEEE. He is the recipient of the2011 China Computer Federation (CCF) Overseas Outstanding Achievement Award.