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Open Faculty Positions (2015)
发布于:2014-09-01  作者:学术与教学资源中心

College of Computer Science and Electronics Engineering

Hunan University

Open Faculty Positions (2015)

The College of Computer Science and Electronics Engineering (CSEE) at Hunan University invites applications for faculty positions at all ranks in Computer Science for appointments with a begin date in Fall 2015. We are accepting applications in all areas of Computer Science and Electronics Engineering. Applicants must demonstrate superior research and scholarship potential as well as teaching ability.

Applicants should have received (or be about to receive) a doctoral degree in Computer Science or a related field. Candidates must have demonstrated excellence in research and a commitment to quality teaching. Candidates at the more senior levels should have a strong record of publications and research funding, proven leadership skills in collaborative research efforts, and an excellent teaching record at the undergraduate and graduate level. Successful candidates are expected to pursue an active research program and to contribute significantly to the teaching programs of the department. Applicants should include CV, selected publications, a statement of future research, and recommendation letters from at least two people who can comment on the applicant's professional qualifications.

For further information on the position please contact:

Deng Huan

Email:  jt_dh@163.com Tel: 0731-88821907