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[1].  Ming Chen, *Jing He, Qirui Fan, Ze Dong andLin Chen.Experimental Demonstration of Real-Time High-LevelQAM-Encoded Direct-Detection Optical OFDM Systems,IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology, 2015, 33(22):4632-4639.(SCI二区, IF=2.965)

[2].  Rui Deng, *Jing He, Ming Chen, Yi Liu, andLin Chen.Real-TimeLR-DDO-OFDM Transmission System Using EML with 1024-Point FFT. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 2015, 27(17):1841-1844. (SCI二区, IF=2.191)

[3].  Jin Tang, *Jing He, Danyu Li, Ming Chen andLin Chen. 64/128-QAM Half-Cycle Sub-Carrier Modulation for Short Reach OpticalCommunications. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 2015,27(3):284-287. (SCI二区, IF=2.191

[4].  Ming Chen, *Jing He, Lin Chen. Real-TimeDemonstration of an FPGA-Based 1024-QAM OFDM Transmitter in Short-Reach IMDDSystems. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 2015,27(8):824-827. (SCI二区, IF=2.191)

[5].  Rui Deng, *Jing He, Ming Chen and Lin Chen.SFO compensation by pilot-aided channel estimation for real-time DDO-OFDMsystem. Optics Communications,2015,355:172-176. (SCI三区,IF=1.542) 

[6].  Jin Tang, *Jing He, Ming Chen, Danyu Li, Lin Chen. Demonstrationof 48 Gb/s 16 QAM signal transmission using half cycle sub-carrier modulationin intensity modulation/direct detection system, Optics Communications,2015,334:228-234. (SCI三区,IF=1.542) 

[7].  *Jing He, Xuejie Wen, Ming Chen, Lin Chen. A Golay complementary TS-based symbolsynchronization scheme in variable rate LDPC-coded MB-OFDM UWBoF system. Optics Communications, 2015, 350: 189-195. (SCI三区,IF=1.542)

[8].  *Jing He, Xuejie Wen, Ming Chen, Lin Chen and Jinshu Su. Experimentaldemonstration of the transmission performance for LDPC-coded multiband OFDMultra-wideband over fiber system. Optical Fiber Technology, 2015, 21:122-127. (SCI三区, IF=1.188)

[9].  *Jing He, Xuejie Wen, Ming Chen, Lin Chen and Jinshu Su. Full-Duplex MultibandOrthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Ultra-Wideband over Fiber System. OpticalEngineering, 2015, 54(1): 016101-1-6.(SCI四区, IF=0.959)

[10].      *Jing He, Xuejie Wen, Lin Chen. MB-OFDM UWB overfiber system with direct detection. Chinese Optics Letters (Suppl.), 2015, 13:S10604-1-4. (EI收录)

[11].       *Jing He, Teng Li, Xuejie Wen, Ming Chen, Lin Chen. An ISFA-combined Pilot-AidedChannel Estimation Scheme in Multiband Orthogonal Frequency DivisionMultiplexing Ultra-Wideband Over Fiber System. In: Proc of IEEE-ISCC 2015.Larnaca, Cyprus, 2015.7.6-9. (EI收录)

[12].       Lap Maivan, *Jing He,Lin Chen. A low complexity of PAPRreduction scheme in the IM-DD opticalOFDM system based on fast Hartley transform. In:Proc of ACP 2015. Hong Kong, China, 2015.11.18-23. (EI收录)



[13].       Ming Chen, *Jing He, Jin Tang, Xian Wu and LinChen. Real-Time 10.4Gb/s Single-Band Optical 256/64/16 QAM Receiver for OFDM-PON,IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 2014,26(20):2012-2015. (SCI二区, IF=2.191)

[14].       Ming Chen, *Jing He, Jin Tang, Xian Wu, LinChen. Experimentaldemonstration of real-time adaptively modulated DDO-OFDM systems with a highspectral efficiency up to 5.76bit/s/Hz transmission over SMF links. Optics Express, 2014,22(15):17691-17699. (SCI二区, IF=3.587)

[15].       Ming Chen, *Jing He, Lin Chen. Real-timeOptical OFDM Long-reach PON System over 100-km SSMF Using a Directly ModulatedDFB Laser. IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, 2014,6(1):18-25. (SCI三区,000330477700003, IF=1.872) 

[16].       Hongxian Chen, *Jing He, Jin Tang, Fan Li,Ming Chen, Lin Chen. Performance of 16QAM-OFDM with new null subcarriershifting in an intensity-modulated direct detection system. IEEE/OSA Journal ofOptical Communications and Networking, 2014,6(2):159-164. (SCI三区,000330475500007, IF=1.872) 

[17].       Ming Chen, *Jing He, Zizheng Cao, JinTang, Lin Chen, Xian Wu. Symbol synchronization and samplingfrequency synchronization techniques in real-time DDO-OFDM systems. OpticsCommunications, 2014,326:80-87. (SCI三区, 000336969600015,IF=1.542)

[18].       Hongxian Chen, *Jing He, Jin Tang, Fan Li,Ming Chen, JiangnanXiao, Lin Chen. Nonlinear Distortion Evaluation of MZM withEquivalent Mathematical Model Calculation in IM/DD OOFDM Transmission System.Optics Communications, 2014,316:31-36.   (SCI三区,000331672700007, IF=1.542) 

[19].       Qi Tang, *Jing He, Zizheng Cao, Fan Li,Jiangnan Xiao, Lin Chen. Polarization-Time-Block-Code in IM/DD PolMux-OFDM transmissionsystem. Optics Communications, 2014,315:295-302.  (SCI三区,000331596400051, IF=1.542) 

[20].       Hui Zhou, *Jing He, Ze Dong, Yun Cheng, LinChen. Theoretical and Experimental Study on Wavelength Conversion Based on FWMfor PDM-QPSK Signals with Digital Coherent Detection in HNLF. OpticsCommunications, 2014,316:161-167.   (SCI三区,000331672700028, IF=1.542) 

[21].       Ming Chen, *Jing He, Jin Tang, Lin Chen.Pilot-aided sampling frequency offset estimation and compensation using DSPtechnique in DD-OOFDM systems. Optical Fiber Technology, 2014,20: 268-273. (SCI三区,IF=1.188)

[22].      Dingxin Xie, *Jing He, Lin Chen, Jin Tang, Ming Chen. Data-aided channel estimation andfrequency domain equalization based on minimum-shift keying in opticaltransmission systems. Chinese Optics Letters, 2014,12(4):040604-1-5. (SCI四区,IF=1.073)

[23].      Huanjun Wang, *Jing He, Lin Chen, Jin Tang. Blindequalization for minimum-shift keying coherent optical communication system.Optical Engineering, 2014,53(4): 046107-1-5. (SCI四区, IF=0.959 )

[24].      LiuLiu, *JingHe, Jin Tang, Yun Cheng, Lin Chen. ChannelEstimation Method using Orthogonal Sequences in Frequency Domain for 100-Gb/sPDM-SCFDE Coherent Optical Transmission Systems. Optical Engineering, 2014,53(5):056116-1-5. (SCI四区,IF=0.959)

[25].       Long Chen, *Jing He, Yi Liu,Lin Chen, Zizheng Cao. Comparison of interpolation algorithms for pilot-aidedestimation of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing transmission inreversely modulated optical single sideband system. Optical Engineering,2014,53(5):056108-1-6. (SCI四区, IF=0.959)

[26].      Jin Tang, *Jing He, Jiangnan Xiao, Lin Chen.Blind polarization demultiplexing for quadrature amplitude modulation coherentoptical communication systems using low-complexity and fast-convergingindependent component analysis. Optical Engineering, 2014,53(5):056118-1-9. (SCI四区, IF=0.959)

[27].      Ming Chen, *Jing He, Jin Tang, and Lin Chen. Experimentalinvestigations in transmission performance of real time long-reach adaptivelymodulated direct detection optical-orthogonal frequency division multiplexingsystems, Optical Engineering, 2014,53(9):096106(1)-(6) (SCI四区, IF=0.959)

[28].       FALL Mangone, *Jing He, Jin Tang,Jiangnan Xiao, Ming Chen, Fan Li, Lin Chen. A PAPR reduction technique usingHadamard transform combined with clipping and filtering based on DCT/IDCT forIM/DD optical OFDM systems. Optical Fiber Technology, 2014,20:384-390.(SCI四区, IF=1.188)

[29].       Lap Maivan, *Jing He, Ming Chen, FallMangone, Lin Chen. New hybrid peak-to-average power ratio reduction techniquebased on carrier interferometry codes and companding technique for opticaldirect detection orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system. Optical Engineering, 2014, 53(8): 086104-1-8. (SCI四区, IF=0.959)

[30].      DanyuLi, *Jing He, Jin Tang, Ming Chen, Lin Chen. Experimentaldemonstration of half cycle 64-QAM Nyquist-SCM direct-detection opticalcommunication system with data-aided estimation and overlap frequency-domainequalization. Optical Engineering, 2014, 53(12): 126101-1-7. (SCI四区,IF=0.959)

[31].       *Jing He, Chong Li, Lin Chen, Ming Chen. Enhanced16 Spiral quadratureamplitude modulation scheme for coherent optical orthogonal frequency divisionmultiplexing systems, Optical Engineering, 2014, 53(9):096105(1)-(5). (SCI四区, IF=0.959)

[32].       Fouad Kharroubi, *Jing He, Lin Chen.Performance analysis of GA, ROA and TSA for solving the Max-RWA problem inoptical networks. In: Optical Fiber Communication Conference and the NationalFiber Optic Engineers Conference (OFC/NFOEC) 2014. San Francisco,California,USA,2014.3.9-13. (EI收录, 20141717611451)

[33].      Ming Chen, *Jing He, Xian Wu, Jin Tang, Lin Chen. ExperimentalDemonstration of a Real-Time OFDM System over 100km SMF Employing DirectlyModulated Laser without Optical Amplification. In: Proc of ACP 2014. Shanghai,China, 2014.11.11-14, Oral Report. (EI收录)

[34].      Li Danyu, *Jing He, Jin Tang, Ming Chen, Lin Chen.Experimental Demonstration of Half Cycle 64-QAM Nyquist-SCM Direct-DetectionOptical Communication System with Data-aided Estimation and OverlapFrequency-domain Equalization. In: Proc of ACP 2014. Shanghai, China, 2014.11.11-14,Oral Report. (EI收录)

[35].      Ming Chen, *Jing He, Jin Tang, Xian Wu, ZizhengCao, Lin Chen. 256/64/16QAM-encoded Real-Time Optical OFDM Signal Generationand Transmission over 50km SSMF Using Adaptive Modulation Technique. In: Procof SPP com 2014. SM3E.4.pdf, San Diego, California, USA, 2014.7.13-20. (EI收录)

[36].      *Jing He, Wen Xuejie, Ming Chen, Lin Chen. FullDuplex 60-GHz MB-OFDM Ultra-Wideband over Fiber System Based on RemoteHeterodyning. In: Proc of SPP com 2014. SM4E.3.pdf,San Diego, California, USA, 2014.7.13-20. (EI收录)



[37].       Fouad Kharroubi, *Jing He, Jin Tang, MingChen, Lin Chen. Evaluation performance of genetic algorithm and tabu searchalgorithm for solving the Max-RWA problem in all-optical networks. J CombOptim, 2013-11-9. (SCI三区, IF=1.043)

[38].       Hui Zhou, *Jing He, Zizheng Cao, Lin Chen. All-opticalwavelength conversion scheme to reduce the crosstalk among the two multiplexedchannels for polarization multiplexing system. Optical Fiber Technology,2013,19: 549-555. (SCI三区,000327428000007, IF=1.188)

[39].      Hongxian Chen, *Jing He, Jin Tang, Ming Chen,Jiangnan Xiao, Lin Chen. Overcoming MZM nonlinearity with null shiftingtechnique in direct detection optical OFDM system. In: Proc of ACP/IPOC 2013.AF1E.3, Beijing, China, 2013.11.13-16, Oral Report. (EI收录)

[40].      *Jing He, Yuan Huang, Lin Chen, Jinshu Su.Photonic generation of UWB doublet pulse with semiconductor amplifier andoptical delay line. In: Proc of ACP/IPOC 2013. AF2F.35, Beijing, China,2013.11.13-16. (EI收录,20142017710798)

[41].      *Jing He, Yuan Huang, Lin Chen, Jinshu Su. Thesimulation of Optical IR-UWB doublet pulse generation and fiber transmission.In: Proc of Eurosim2013, Cardiff, UK, 2013. 09.8-12. (EI收录)

[42].      *Jing He, Jinshu Su, Yuan Huang, Hao Liu. Anovel system with WiMax LDPC-coded OFDM for optical communication. In: Proc ofSPIE Security + Defence 2012. 85400W, Edinburgh, UK, 2012.09.24-27. (EI收录, 20134516950349)

[43].      *Jing He, Jinshu Su, Yuan Huang, Hao Liu.Direct-detection WiMax orthogonal frequency division multiplexing over FiberAccess Networks. In: Proc of SPIE 2012. 8555-72, Beijing, China, 2012.11.4-7.(EI收录)

[44].      *Jing He, Zizheng Cao, Lin Chen, Shuangchun Wen.A full-duplex radio-over-fiber system with quadrature amplitude modulationphotonically generated orthogonal frequency division multiplexing signals.Optical Engineering, 49(6): 065003-065008, 2010. (SCI收录, 000280746600025)

[45].      *Jing He, Dong Yang, Lin Chen. A full-duplex radio-over-fibersystem with differential phase-shift keying signals. In: Proc of POEM 2010. OEDI0475,Wuhan, China, 2010.11.3-5. ( EI收录,20111513911190)

[46].      *Jing He, Hao Liu, Jie Li, Lin Chen. ARadio-over-Fiber system with 64QAM photonically generated orthogonal frequencydivision multiplexing signals. In: Proc of SPIE 2010. 78543P, Beijing, China,2010.10.16-19. (EI收录,20110213560616)

[47].      *Jing He, Lin Chen, Ze Dong, Shuangchun Wen,Jianjun Yu. Full-duplex radio-over-fiber system with photonics frequency quadruplesfor optical millimeter-wave generation. Optical Fiber Technology, 15(3):290-295, 2009. (SCI三区, 000274478600014)

[48].      *Jing He, Lin Chen, Shuangchun Wen. Generationof DQPSK Format and its Performance Research against Polarization-ModeDispersion. Chinese Optics Letters, 7(1):15-18, 2009.( SCI收录,000266970500005; EI收录, 20090811917764)

[49].      *何晶,陈林,文双春,文鸿,余建军. 一种新的全双工光纤无线通信系统.高技术通讯, 19(3): 242-246, 2009. (EI收录, 20091712051359)

[50].      *何晶,陈林,文双春. 40Gb/sDPSK格式抗偏振模色散的性能研究.光子学报, 38(3): 660-664, 2009.

[51].      *何晶,刘丽敏,陈林,文双春. 基于马赫-曾德尔调制器的先进调制格式的产生研究.中国激光, 35(8): 1185-1190, 2008. (EI收录, 20083711541369)

[52].      *Jing He, Lin Chen, Shuangchun Wen. A NovelFull-Duplex Radio-over-Fiber System with Photonics Frequency Quadruple foroptical millimeter wave generation. In: Proc of ICAIT 2008. Shengzhen, China,2008, 98-100. (EI收录,20102012943133)

[53].      *Jing He, Lin Chen, Yufeng Shao, Shuangchun Wen.A Novel Scheme to Generate Orthogonal Modulation Label Based on DPSK Payloadand Duobinary RZ Label. In: Proc of CLEO/Pacific Rim 2007. Seoul, Korea, 2007,1086-1087 (IEEE Catalog Number: 07TH8953C, ISBN: 1-4244-1174-2, library ofCongress: 2007923395). (EI收录,20083711544467; ISTP收录,000256956600166)

[54].      *Jing He, Zhiwei Zheng, Lin Chen, ShuangchunWen. A Novel Scheme for Generation of 40Gb/s RZ/CSRZ-DPSK Signals. In: Proc ofAPOC 2007. Wuhan, China, 2007, 6781-169(7pages). (EI收录, 20081811235321; ISTP收录, 000252739700134)

[55].      *Jing He, Lin Chen, Limin Liu, Yufeng Shao,Shuangchun Wen. Duobinary RZ and Dark RZ signals generation using differentialMach-Zehnder modulator. In: Proc of SPIE 2007. Beijing, China, 2007,6837-21(7pages). (ISTP收录,000254423400016)

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[1]. 何晶、陈林. 基于差分相移键控格式的光纤无线通信系统2011.6,中国,申请号:201010587433.3,授权公告号:CN102546016BH04B10/2575(2013.01)IH04L27/20(2006.01)I),专利号:ZL2010 1 0587433.3

[2]. 何晶、温学杰、李腾、陈林. 基于低密度奇偶校验码的多带超宽带光纤无线通信方法,2014.11,中国,申请号:201410626505.9

[3]. 何晶、邓锐、陈林. 基于可见光通信技术的捕影装置,2014.12,中国,申请号:201410746531.5

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1.  2015.5-2017.12,主持教育部留学回国人员科研启动基金项目实时高速光OFDM信号在光纤长距离接入系统中高效数字信号处理算法研究”(教外司留(2015)311)

2.  2014.1-2016.12,主持国家自然科学基金青年科学基金项目低成本光载多带正交频分复用超宽带信号的产生和传输研究,项目编号(61307087

3.  2014.1-2017.12,参与国家自然科学基金项目数字信号处理辅助相干检测的高频谱效率光纤传输技术,项目编号(61377079

4.  2013.2-2015.12,参与湖南省科技厅项目光纤接入网中实时正交频分复用系统设计及关键技术研究

5.  2012.1-2014.12,主持湖南省自然科学基金项目超宽带光载无线通信关键技术研究,项目编号(12JJ3070)

6.  2010.1-2015.12,主持湖南大学青年教师科技创新扶持项目UWB-ROF光信号传输理论及关键技术研究

7.  2009.12-2012.12,作为课题组成员参与国家自然科学基金项目“OFDM光信号传输及信号处理的基础理论与关键技术研究,项目编号(60977049/F050301)

8.  2008.12-2010.6,主持光通信与光波技术教育部重点实验室(北京邮电大学)项目基于高速正交频分复用调制码在光传输中的理论与实验研究

9.  2009.12-2014.12,主持企业合作项目在线考试、学习系统

10.      2007.9-2009.9,作为课题组主要成员(排名第二)参与光通信与光波技术教育部重点实验室(北京邮电大学)开放基金项目高性价比的光毫米波产生方法的理论与实验研究

11.      2007.1-2009.12,参与国家863计划资助项目基于正交频分复用的Radio-over-Fiber系统的关键技术研究,项目编号(2007AA01Z263)

12.      2006.12-2008.12,参与湖南省自然科学基金项目高速光纤通信系统偏振模色散补偿的前馈方法研究,项目编号(06JJ5108)

13.      2004.1-2005.12,参与湖南省自然科学基金项目网络自相似流量模型及其队列管理策略的研究,项目编号(20043142108)

14.      2003.12-2004.12,参与湖南省科技厅项目新一代网络流量模型研究,项目编号(20033342395)